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New Clinic Policies In Regards To Covid -19


At our clinic we are taking precautions regarding Covid-19 very seriously.  Nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of our patients.  Please read the following information carefully so you understand the new changes that have been implemented at our clinic. 


In Preparation of Your Appointment:


Please bring a mask with you to your appointment. If you forget your mask or do not have one, we will provide a clean cloth mask for your use while in the office. Your therapist will also be wearing a mask. When you are face down on the table your mask will be optional as we have a safe, comfortable alternative for you.


On Your Appointment Day:


On the day of your appointment please arrive on time.  We will be performing a time consuming disinfecting procedure between patients therefore if you are late we will not be able to run overtime.


Please do not bring children or anyone else with you to your appointment.  This is important as we are working in a small space where social distancing is not possible.  An exception will be made if you require physical assistance from a caregiver.


Upon arrival please wait outside our clinic door in the downstairs hallway 2 minutes before your appointment time.  There is a doorbell you can ring, please do not ring it early as we are busy cleaning and preparing for your arrival. Your therapist will come out to greet you.  You will not be using the waiting room but instead lead directly back to the treatment area where both you and the therapist will wash hands for 20 seconds. Your therapist will perform an in person pre-screen test before starting your massage.


Even though we have taken many measures to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission within our clinic a small risk persists since we will be unable to social distance during the treatment. For this reason, you will be asked to sign both a consent and a waiver before your treatment.

Payment will now be taken in the treatment room.  We accept etransfers, cheques and cash.  If you are new to sending etransfers please ask the therapist that will be prescreening you the day before your appointment, she can provide the set up information. If paying by cash please try to have the correct amount.  Thank you.


Our rates remain the same:

30 min treatment = $65

45 min treatment= $90

60 min treatment = $115


We will have very limited time to book and reschedule appointments between patients due to our time consuming disinfecting routine.  You may be asked to call into the office and we can take care of scheduling matters on the phone. Thank you for your understanding.


We are looking forward to seeing you in the office!  Thank you for doing your part to ensure a safe clinic environment for both you and your therapist. 

For Full Information of Our COVID-19 Protocols, Please See Document or PDF Below:

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